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03 April 2012 @ 03:11 pm
It's been a while since this community has seen much activity - who do we have left here in LJ land?

The first round of the real season is done and dusted. what did you think of the boys' performance? Did the pre-season give you a cause for concern? Who are you most looking forward to seeing develop this year?
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26 July 2010 @ 12:28 pm
I don't know why but I am going to this game.  I don't have high hopes... and worst of all I am going with a Collingwood supporter.  Wish lots of luck my way for a shock win! 

I'll make this more of a discussion post by asking what are your favourite and least favourite memories of live games you have attended? :)
02 July 2010 @ 03:02 pm
I had been meaning to get around to posting bout last night, but then this headline caught my eye:

When victory smells like a con job

CARLTON did what flat-track bullies always do - beat up a young opponent lacking in form and personnel.

A Brisbane Lions side missing five of its best eight players and with the league's worst record since Round 4, was the perfect live kill to break a two-game slump last night.

An eighth win for the season, Chris Judd dominant, and the mosquito fleet again exceptional: there was plenty for Blues fans to like.

Yet don't let the eventual margin or the statistical imbalance con; the Blues are just going.
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We're bullies who like to beat up younger sides, apparently.


Because we've beaten sides that are lesser than us?

We didn't play at our best last night, by far. But that's fairly strong pose with not much to back it up.
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30 June 2010 @ 06:02 pm
It been a week off and we're straight back into it with Thursday night footy.

Here's hoping we can forget the disappointments of the last few rounds and move on to a better and brighter future.

There are 5 changes to the line up. Waite is obviously out due to suspension and Kruezer obviously due to the ACL. Hadley has been omitted, Bower is again out due to soreness and Lucas has also been omitted.

Coming in we have Setanta and Murphy back from injury. Robinson has been included, as has Grigg for his first senior match of '10. But the one I am most excited about is the inclusion of Hampson. I only hope he can play as well tomorrow night as he has been in the twos the last few weeks.

And for those of you who are not entirely emotionally over the whole Fev thing (lets not name any names), you can watch tomorrow night's match at ease as he has been omitted due to the same old groin injury. Brown is also out, so we can expect a very different Brisbane side to the one we faced in Round 2.
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22 June 2010 @ 01:20 pm
Waite is officially out.

He plead guilty and accepted the two match ban, rather than going to the tribunal and risking a 3-match ban.

People complain that the shepherd is dying out. Can you blame players for being nervous about shepherding when players get rubbed for soft bumps like this?

Yet Fremantle's Kepler Bradley, who punched Bret Thornton in the stomach, got off with a 'reprimand'.

Andrew Carrazzo has also been fined $1950 for 'reckless contact' with umpire Chris Donlon. Because we all know you're not allowed to touch umpires. Or talk about them. Or even look at them in a way that might be taken as demeaning. Because they are Gods among us mere mortals.

I'm only sarcastic cause I'm really annoyed.
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21 June 2010 @ 06:32 pm
The news from the match review panel is mixed.

Judd has been cleared from the elbow to Pavlich.

Waite has been offered two weeks for his hip and shoulder on Duffield.
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Another disappointing loss. Not because we lost, but because we shouldn't have.

Fremantle 2.4 | 7.4 | 11.9 | 14.12 (96)


Carlton 0.7 | 2.12 | 6.13 | 12.15 (87)

Capitalisation. That's essentially what killed us. You can talk til you're black and blue about the turnovers, the lack of pressure, so on and so forth. But even in spite of all that, we could have won if we had of been able to find the middle of the sticks. We sprayed the set shots, getting the difficult goals with apparent ease. It was, again, Thornton who was moved up forward from full back. He slotted 2, taking his career total to 6 goals, before being moved back. This year he's doubled his career total. If only he weren't so essential for us a a backman, he could really be used up forward. Late in the game Eddie featured in a late comeback by the Blues, kicking 4 goals for the game. But it was too late. The first quarter had already killed us.

One major concern from the game is our lack of an answer to any team that floods. With freedom to run, we're unstoppable. But once removed of our pace we look amateur. It's something the Blues will need to work on.

But even more concerning is the loss of Kruezer to an ACL injury. He will miss the rest of the season, no doubt about that, but the question at hand is - how long? The longevity of the revolutionary LARS surgery is unknown. Though it will allow him to recover quicker, it may do long term damage. Hence it is expected that they will take the path of a full knee reconstruction. Meaning he will likely miss the start of next season as well.

As devastating as the loss of him is, I must admit my excitement at potentially seeing Hampson return to play for The Blues. He had a killed game for The Ants on the weekend, and his 20 hitouts are sure to put him in good stead for selection in two weeks time.

To add to our worries, both Chris Judd and Jarrad Waite are expected to face the tribunal, but whether they have a real case to answer for remains to be seen.

In two weeks time, we face a diminished Brisbane at home. If we can't get our act together by then, we can pretty much kiss finals good bye.
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10 June 2010 @ 03:15 pm
Here's for a feel-good article:

Why Simmo’s a “one-in-a-hundred”

    By Tony De Bolfo 1:45 PM Thu 10 June, 2010

    The impending encounter with North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium might coincide with the 25th anniversary of Friday night football, but it also serves as a significant milestone match for the Carlton Football Club and its feisty on-baller, Kade Simpson.

    Resident historian Stephen Williamson notes that the match doubles as Carlton’s 2300th contest since its inception as a foundation member of the VFL, and that Kade Simpson will have represented the Blues in each of those past 100 matches since the opening round of 2006 against Melbourne at The Dome.

    Only one other Carlton player has achieved such a feat - the late Jim Francis, who represented his team in all 100 games of the club block between game no. 700 (Round 10, 1995 versus Essendon at Windy Hill) and game no.800 (Round 16, 1940 versus St Kilda at Princes Park).

    It must however be noted that both Bruce Doull and John Nicholls would have played in each of Carlton’s 100-block games (Nicholls managed 96 of the club’s 1300-1400-game block between Round 12, 1967 and the opening round of ’72, and Doull 99 of the club’s 1400-1500-game block between the opening round of 1972 and the fourth round of ’76 and a further 99 of the club’s 1600-1700-game block between Round 10, 1980 and Round 13, ’84) had they not been committed to representing the Big V on Carlton matchdays.

    “Simmo” will undoubtedly be seeking a better return on his next 100, given that of the previous 99 matches in which he has appeared, the Carlton team emerged with a win/loss ratio of 36/62 and a draw thrown in.

    Source: CarltonFC

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    07 June 2010 @ 05:09 pm
    Some justice this week: Jarrad Waite will not have to face the tribunal tomorrow night.

    The match review panel deemed the contact fair, ruling that Waite had his eyes on the ball and contact was inevitable, declaring he had no case to answer for.

    He will be available for selection for Friday's match against the Roos.


    Amusingly, however, the Herald Sun seems to have expected Waite to be rubbed out. Their pre-prepared URL to the story reads in part, "waite-out-for-x-weeks".
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    07 June 2010 @ 12:25 pm
    Carlton 7.4 | 9.6 | 11.7 | 15.11 (101)


    Melbourne 2.2 | 3.4 | 8.6 | 9.6 (60)

    It was a game that went exactly as one would have expected it to. One that we would win convincingly, but not effortlessly as Melbourne are a team on the rise. We had our best opening to a season with 7.4 and looked completely in control.

    Then the heavens opened up and the differences between the two sides diminished. A residency at The Dome (sorry, I can't call it Etihad) turns teams soft in the wet. Under the safety of the roof we have lost what used to be an advantage when we lived at Prices Park: experience in the wet. The MCG residents turned it up and capitalised where we couldn't. By 3 quarter time, our 45-point lead slipped to just 19.

    You always had the feeling, however, that we had done enough work in the first 2 quarters to ensure this one wouldn't slip away. On cue, the boys brought it back to a 41 point victory in another controlled fourth term, including two quick goals from an otherwise quiet Eddie Betts.

    Houlihan again showed why he is invaluable to the team, not just for his career high 4 goal effort, but his footy smarts and superb delivery of the ball. Walker, though not back to the form he was in before his injury, had another good game and looks only set to improve. Carrazzo also did an outstanding job on Davis. Even Thornton slotted two, taking his career number of goals to a whopping 6.

    But it wasn't all sweet, with Jarrad Waite being reported again after just coming back from suspension. I personally don't think he has anything to answer for, but with the way the match review panel gets all crazy about protecting the head, who knows.

    I'm also kinda wondering what everyone's take is on the whole "Chris Judd is God" thing the media has going on. Now, I don't blame the guy for this at all, because he can scarcely control what the media says about him. But no matter how good his game is, he's always portrayed as a legend. Something which has a lot of opposition supporters hating the bloke.

    On Saturday, he had a very quiet game in the middle of the match: half an hour without even touching the ball. However, he stood up when we most needed to stop Melbourne's run. Any other played would have been reviewed as 'good, but sadly went missing for most of the game'. But for Chris Judd the headline reads: "Judd's run timed to perfection".

    Is anyone else sensing this bias every week, or do you think the media are calling it how it is?
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