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03 June 2010 @ 05:39 pm
Two changes have been made for this weeks "green round" (so no throwing pie wrappers under the seat this week!).

Waite returns from suspension, hopefully still in good form, and Houlihan is back from his hamsting injury.

They replace Lachie Henderson and Brock McLean, both omitted.

The full team is as follows:

B: Aaron Joseph, Michael Jamison, Bret Thornton
HB: Steven Browne, Andrew Walker, Jordan Russell
C: Kade Simpson, Chris Judd, Heath Scotland
HF: Ryan Houlihan, Jarrad Waite, Andrew Carrazzo
F: Eddie Betts, Setanta O’hAilpin, Matthew Kreuzer
Rucks: Sam Jacobs, Bryce Gibbs, Marc Murphy
Int: Joe Anderson, Jeff Garlett, Mitch Robinson, Richard Hadley

In: Houlihan, Waite
Out: Henderson, McLean
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02 June 2010 @ 01:06 pm
Marc Murphy has been nominated for goal of the week.

You can see it and vote for him here.
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31 May 2010 @ 10:30 am
It was a match that left you wondering what could have been if we actually capitalised on opportunities. Still, a win is a win and, despite our poor conversion attempts, there was a lot to be happy about.

Carlton 5.5 | 8.8 | 12.13 | 15.15 (105)


West Coast 3.1 | 5.2 | 8.5 | 11.10 (76)

Blues cruise over Eagles

4:41 PM Sun 30 May, 2010

A SENSATIONAL performance from Bryce Gibbs has led Carlton to a 29-point win over the West Coast Eagles at Etihad Stadium.

After signing a new two-year contract with the Blues late last week, Gibbs showed his class across half-back, finishing the match with a massive 45 possessions - a career best for Gibbs - in the Blues 15.15 (105) to 11.10 (76) win.

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The injury to Scotland continues what is turning out to be a horror injury run for the Blues. The extent of the injury is yet to be assessed.
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28 May 2010 @ 01:07 am
Things aren't exactly getting better where Carlton's injury list is concerned.

We suffered badly last week, and resultantly Dennis Armfield (quad), Chris Yarran (quad), Chris Johnson (wrist) and Simon White (knee) are outs this week.

The ins for the week are as follows:
Steven Browne, Marcus Davies, Shaun Grigg, Richard Hadley, Ryan Houlihan, Brock McLean, Andrew Walker.

Davies (our second pick in last year's draft) will be making his debut if he is still in the side by the time it is culled to 22 (5pm Friday).

Contrastingly, if McClean makes it in it will be his 100th AFL game.

The latter 3 still have to undergo last minute fitness tests to ensure they are fit to play, but if given the all clear (as expected) they will be massive ins.

There are more future positives to come yet. Bower and Waite will be available next week. Fisher has also been cleared to play his first game in the VFL since rupturing his ACL on the eve of the season and undergoing surgery to repair the joint.

Our injury woes can be considered to come at a 'good' time in the season, as we've hit that time in the fixture that is supposed to be the easy part. Though last week showed how well that went to plan. Despite this, the return of crucial players will come when the harder games come around again, so we can look forward to some more stunning games from the Boys in [Navy] Blue.

In a last bout of positive news, Bryce Gibbs today signed up for another 2 years. This completes the clean sweep of number 1 draft picks from '05 to '07 (Murphy and Kreuzer obviously being the other two) all signing new contracts in recent times.

When asked about going to the Gold Coast, Gibbs replied, "Why would I want to leave Carlton? I value my friendships, I am playing with a team that is committed to working together to achieve success and we train at the best facilities, as good as any in the world.

"Carlton is my home and I am thrilled to be a part of the Carlton Football Club and it is my aim to play my entire AFL career at Carlton."
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23 May 2010 @ 09:36 pm
Hawthorn 5.3 | 9.8 | 11.12 | 16.14 (110)


Carlton 2.2 | 3.5 | 7.10 | 8.12 (60)

Today was a depressing game. I'm largely still depressed over it. So I'm gonna default to our official site:

Blues no match for revived Hawks

By Jennifer Witham
4:46 PM Sun 23 May, 2010

CARLTON'S run of hot form has come to a crashing halt with a 50-point loss to Hawthorn at Etihad Stadium on Sunday

The Hawks assembled their upset 16.14 (110) to 8.12 (60) victory in the first half and then withstood a third-quarter charge from the Blues that saw a 47-point margin cut to just 26.

Meanwhile, the Blues squandered an opportunity to secure their sixth win for the season and draw level with the fourth-placed Western Bulldogs on points.

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Source: CarltonFC.com
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19 May 2010 @ 12:09 pm
Jarrad Waite's hip and shoulder was assessed as reckless, high contact with medium impact. This gave him 325 demerit points, or a 3 match suspension. He plead guilty and accepted a 2-match ban.

Great timing given his recent return to form.

On the injury front, Houlihan's and Lucas' hamstring injuries are yet to be officially assessed.
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17 May 2010 @ 12:49 pm
During the week, Port Adelaide declared that it would focus on shutting down the small forwards that had been dominating Carlton's scoreboard for much of the year. And it worked.

Just as well for us that we had a few talls ready to step up and take their place.

Carlton 4.1 | 8.4 | 11.10 | 17.16 (118)


Port Adelaide 3.3 | 8.5 | 13.7 | 14.8 (92)

It was an impressive game from the get go. A shoot-out with more lead changes than you dared to count. When Carlton had pace, they were unstoppable. But when Port forced them into tempo footy, it was another story. It is an area we have been exposed it over the last few weeks. However, they exhibited much more control than they have in previous games and one would hope this is a step in the right direction.

While our small forwards only managed 3 goals between them, Kreuzer, O'hAilpin, Waite and Houlihan stepped up to kick multiple goals, helped by a plethora of midfielders who stepped up to kick one of their own.

It was going to come down to who had the legs to carry it out.

With Lucas out, it seemed as though Carlton might be the first to fade. What's more, the 5-day break loomed as another challenging stat. The last quarter showed it was anything but that, turning our 9-point deficit into a 26-point victory. If it weren't for wasted opportunities, it might have been more.

A few years ago, we struggled to win fourth quarters. We floated at the bottom of the ladder because we'd either forfeit our lead in the last quarter, or would get blown away during it. Yesterday made the fifth time that we have won the fourth quarter. We have won 21 of our quarters, only 1 less than reigning premiers Geelong who sit on top of that stats ladder.

The win takes us to 5-3. In those 5 games we have beaten both 2009 premiership contenders as well as notching up 2 wins in Adelaide. You can't help but lament the slumps that would otherwise have us sitting pretty.

It may come with a sour taste, with the hamstring injury to Lucas, a shoulder injury to White and a report on Jarrad Waite that could easily go either way, a forced line-up change next week seems eminent. Houlihan too suffered a leg strain, but seems unlikely to miss next week's clash against Hawthorn.

With Bower, Fisher and Walker yet to return for the Blues, there could still be even brighter days ahead yet.
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11 May 2010 @ 12:12 pm
Last night was a night of records and stats, numbers that commentators and journalists alike loved to spit out. Houlihan was the only Carlton player to play in a victory over St. Kilda back in 2001. Brett Ratten was playing when we recorded that victory. Carlton defeated St. Kilda by the largest margin they've experienced under Ross Lyon.

But what spoke in volumes was what transpired on the football field.

Carlton 5.7 | 10.8 | 14.9 | 20.9 (129)


St Kilda 2.4 | 5.6 | 7.9 | 9.14 (68)

If you watch Carlton enough, you know in the first 15 minutes if they're going to win or not. Or at least I do (do you guys?). It's all in the attitude. Sometimes they'll surprise you, but more often than not, the second that navy blue horse bolts from the gates you know if it's going to cross that line first.

Last night, Carlton came out all guns blazing. They had that intensity, that desire, their minds were on the game. You just knew that as long as they had the legs to see it through to the final quarter, then this was going to be a fantastic victory. And boy did they ever.

In the opening minutes, the thing that looked set to be our Achilles Heel was our capitalisation as Waite missed a few. That was soon turned around as he booted 3 in the first quarter.

Game winners again were our tiny trio down the front that have been dubbed "Setanta's Little Helpers". Yet far from being helpers, they are a class unto themselves. 10 goals between them, they had a pace that cause serious havok in the Sainter's back 50.

Our midfield was strong, but like that's news? What made the difference was our attacking style of footy coupled with our defensive strategy. It was truly a team effort. On those nights where everyone chips in, the Blues look unstoppable. We won the contested possessions, had more tackles and more inside 50s. Houlihan was fantastic against Fisher, and Carrazzo kept Nick Dal Santo out of the game.

Kane Lucas was impressive last night. He showed he has a way to go, making some errors that will be eradicated with time and experience, but he has the potential there.

And the best part, apart from Judd's little finger incident, it was a clean bill of health at the end of the match.

And it's nights like last night that make it so frustrating to be a Carlton supporter. We lift against class. It's been the same for the last 3 seasons. We score enormous upsets against premiership contenders and past winners, yet we've been unable to beat the likes of Essendon for most of those years.
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03 May 2010 @ 03:43 pm
Collingwood 4.2 | 11.6 | 17.8 | 24.11 (155)


Carlton 3.2 | 7.2 | 13.5 | 16.6 (102)

Sometimes, it feels more like watching a yo-yo than anything else. From strength to weakness and back again, the success of those boys is a hard thing to guess at.

I know not all of you, but most of you hate Collingwood more than any other team out there, and I'm sure are just as gutted about losing to our traditional rival (in rivalry round no less) as I am. I was going to post an article instead, but I can't stand reading people raving about how amazing Collingwood are, so I'm going to pass.

A 9 goal defeat, yet we had 53 more possessions. The over-use of handballs was frustrating, but even more frustrating than that was Carlton's lack of control. How many times did we get the loose ball, only for it to slip out of our hands, accidentally dropped or thrown away? Spent before it was earnt. We incessantly turned it over, or handballed to a player under pressure and we were made to pay.

On the plus side, it was the first time an opposition has scored 100+ points against Collingwood this year. However, they arguably haven't faced many good teams yet. But one of the big pluses, Setanta kicked a career-high of 5 goals (an a record for Irish players).

How many people felt it was about time? Has anyone else been frustrated with him lately?

I dunno if it's just me, but I was starting to get frustrated with his lack of clean disposal and seeming inability to actually do anything right with the footy. Yesterday, he showed a glimpse of the promise we keep getting glimpses of. If he can keep it up he will be a valuable asset. But if he keeps slipping back into the headstrong Setanta that doesn't listen to his senior players and can't control the footy then he will be more of a hindrance than a help.

As an advertisement for AFL, yesterday's free-flowing game was one of the greatest. As a Carlton supporter, however, it was just painful.
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27 April 2010 @ 02:01 pm
The news for Walker is both good and bad, but mostly bad.

The bad: Walker's broken his collarbone and will probably miss half the season. After the game he had yesterday it is a great loss. He'll go in to have surgery today.

The good: he hasn't re-injured his shoulder that has seen him miss a lot of game time over the last few years.

It's yet to be seen if Waite or Bower will replace him.
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