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02 July 2010 @ 03:02 pm
The media don't like giving us a break...  
I had been meaning to get around to posting bout last night, but then this headline caught my eye:

When victory smells like a con job

CARLTON did what flat-track bullies always do - beat up a young opponent lacking in form and personnel.

A Brisbane Lions side missing five of its best eight players and with the league's worst record since Round 4, was the perfect live kill to break a two-game slump last night.

An eighth win for the season, Chris Judd dominant, and the mosquito fleet again exceptional: there was plenty for Blues fans to like.

Yet don't let the eventual margin or the statistical imbalance con; the Blues are just going.
For a quarter and a half, Brisbane made Carlton look second-rate, with the Lions in the match until 20 minutes in to the third term.

Then Eddie Betts's brilliance and Carlton's stamina took over, and Brisbane fell to bits.

But flat-track bullies look good until superior company makes them realise why there were doubts in the first place.

The suspicion is that Carlton can throw around weaklings like Melbourne, West Coast and Brisbane, from where its taken its only three wins of the past six weeks.

The jury is out about whether Carlton can step up in class and do damage in September.

The Lions kicked four of the first six goals last night, an upset seemed on the cards for much of the first half.

As Brisbane feasted on Carlton's ill discipline and repeated errors, the loss of Jonathan Brown and Brendan Fevola seemed irrelevant.

Brisbane youngsters Aaron Cornelius, Todd Banfield and James Polkinghorne shared five first-half goals, and Matthew Leuenberger made the loss of Matthew Kreuzer hurt even more with a dominant ruck display.

SEN's special comments man Matthew Lloyd captured the mood perfectly: "If the siren was to go now, Ratten and his players would need an escort out of here. The (Carlton) fans are filthy."

Then the predictable happened.

The young Lions ran out of puff. Carlton's tags, Andrew Carrazzo on Daniel Rich, and Bryce Gibbs on Luke Power, began to bite.

The Blues poured on 10 second-half goals.

Betts was dazzling and Judd his relentless best, with Chris Yarran showing why one day he will be a gamebreaker.

Ruckman Sam Jacobs began to fight back against Leuenberger, and Lachie Henderson and Shaun Hampson started to lead with intent.

All the usual players stepped up to the plate - Bryce Gibbs, Marc Murphy, and Heath Scotland.

But despite the 55-point win, it is hard to get a read on Brett Ratten's Carlton.

Are they a middle-of-the-road team that has somehow managed brilliant wins over St Kilda and Geelong?

Or can they spend the next seven weeks building into the sort of unit that can sustain the rage over top-four opponents.

They managed 18 goals last night, but only three of them to tall forwards Henderson (two) and Setanta O'hAilpin.

Against Brisbane that's enough, but in the white-hot heat of finals the big dogs are there to play.

Skills and discipline are also a worry.

The Blues gave away 3.1 from 50-metre penalties amid a combined 10 for the game. The highest on record.

Carlton has plenty of areas that need work, but it is sure to get plenty of practice against quality sides.

It faces Western Bulldogs, Collingwood, Geelong, arch-rivals Essendon and West Coast at Subiaco Oval. Even an improving Richmond and Sydney in Melbourne are no easy-beats.

The next two months will tell whether the Blues are headed for nowhere or capable of much higher feats.

Source: Jon Ralph @ The Herald Sun

We're bullies who like to beat up younger sides, apparently.


Because we've beaten sides that are lesser than us?

We didn't play at our best last night, by far. But that's fairly strong pose with not much to back it up.
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Lisaonlylisa on July 2nd, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
What a load of crap. How many reports from the game? Let's see what the match review committee say? They were short the 2 players they rely on TOO much. (One they stole off us!!!!) That's why they lost - cause they were playing young guys who can't go the distance.
[Ranna Let The Yankees In The Chip Shop]rhiannon_666 on July 4th, 2010 11:28 am (UTC)

Ugh, I'm still infuriated by it.

Even my dad, when I ranted to him about the story, said emphatically "nah" and I hadn't even told him why they'd been labelled bullies, just that they had. He was sooo adamant, and coming from an Essendon supporter who loves to put Carlton down, I think says a lot!

I fricken hate Jon Ralph.